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Here at Dra Maria Luisa's clinic, we continually strive to incorporate dental technologies that will help us improve the quality of care for our patients. 

There has been an amazing number of changes that have occurred in dentistry. And the pace of change has accelerated phenomenally over these past few years - cameras, lasers, digital X-rays, magnification, etc. New materials and equipment are always being developed, and are changing the way that dentistry is being practiced.

Better technology doesn't guarantee better dentistry, but it can certainly make a difference.

At Dra Maria Luisa's clinic, we often hear comments such as "Wow! My old dentist never had anything like this!" 

The technology that we use - tomography, diagnostic pen, air-powered tooth polishing system, etc - reduce/eliminate the need for Xrays, while providing an excellent view of all aspects of your teeth and mouth.



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